1 Navigate to GPS position with Tomtom 5 (or 6)
2 GPS data logging
3 Use your PDA as external GPS
4 Adjust PDA clock to GPS time


This GPS-PDA utility has several features. It transforms your PocketPC into an external bluetooth GPS receiver, allowing you to use it with your laptop PC or any other device which can use a bluetooth GPS. Since version 1.4, GPS2Blue also allows to redirect GPS data to a TCP/IP port. It can also log to a file the data received from the GPS. Another feature is the PDA clock adjustment based on the precise GPS satellites clock. Finally, for Tomtom 5 (or 6) users, you can create a new POI from coordinates.

This utility has been tested on Mio A201, Mio A701, Mio P550, Asus A636, FSC Loox N560, FSC Loox N500, FSC Loox N520, Qtek G100, iPaq 4150, Yakumo Delta X, HP iPAQ 6965, HP iPAQ HW6515, HP iPAQ HW6910, HP iPAQ HW6945, E-Ten G500, Asus A639, HP iPAQ H6340, HTC X7500, Airis T620, HTC TyTN II, O2 XDA II mini, HTC Touch Cruise... It works surely on most Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 Classic (and Professional) based PDA...

I've written GPS2Blue for my own use. It is firstly inspired from GPSRedirect... It can be freely downloaded and used, at your own risk, I don't make any support. Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 2 must be installed (note: Microsoft releases .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 which can be easily installed on storage card...).

1. Navigate to GPS position with Tomtom 5 (or 6)

GPS2Blue Tomtom POI

2. GPS data logging

Background recording Postprocessed data
Data postprocessed with OziExplorer.
Postprocessed data

3. Use your PDA as external GPS

Redirect GPS data
Redirect GPS data

and/or TCP/IP
VisualGPS (NMEA mode) on a laptop using the PDA as receiver.
Configure and analyse your PDA GPS with SiRFdemo (SiRF mode).
Microsoft Autoroute
You can track your trip in real time in Microsoft Autoroute.

4. Adjust PDA clock to GPS time

GPS Clock PDA Clock

And more...


This project is archived and is no more available.


This project is archived and is no more available.


How to install GPS2Blue?
How to use with TCP/IP over USB?
Redirection works but there is no long/lat and LED remains grey.


Guy, Michel, Mahjong, Noel, Jan...

Last updated: 10/2012.